Changing the world, one computer at a time.

Who We Are

The Power Up Project is a charitable organization started by high school students dedicated to giving back to the community.

Through The Power Up Project, we take broken, old, or unwanted computers/laptops and refurbish them. After fixing technological issues and installing new operating systems, the computers are donated to local public schools and educational organizations which do not have adequate funding.

With the help of our volunteers, staff, and patrons, we strive to improve the lives of those in need and better our local communities.

What We Do

We collect old and broken computers donated by members of our community. Check our donations page to see what we accept!

We then refurbish them by replacing parts (ex. additional RAM or adding thermal compound), installing improved software (the operating system we use in Linux Mint), and cleaning them, so they are all in usable condition.

Finally, we donate these computers to nearby schools and educational organizations to be used by students in need.

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